The Start of a New Journey and Talking about our love for All Things Beautiful..

Hello there!! Welcome to One Basque Two Bods!!

I am Pratishtha, the first bod in OBTB, our long awaited blog which is very close to our hearts. I am from Delhi and currently based in Mumbai where I work 9 to 5 (not literally :p) with a Multinational Company and spend the remainder time engaging in my obsessions.

A mountain-chaser, a beach-surfer, a city-toddler or a village-dweller, I dont mind being referred with any of these adjectives as I am truly an honest traveler. Ask me to pack my bags, pick my phone, some money and I am always a yes for any adventure. Cooking is my new found obsession which is keeping me busy and my husband full. I wear clothes that compliment my relaxed lifestyle and love curating new styles as well.

I am on a mission of composing the best life which I will also be sharing through OBTB periodically. Come along with me on this beautiful, cozy and an uncomplicated journey.

Hi my all beautiful friends!! My name is Priyam. I am a lifestyle blogger by passion and a full-time analyst in a Multinational Company. I am based out of Delhi and the younger bod in One Basque Two Bods which is a very fancy curation of fashion, food, lifestyle and travel snippets from me and my sister’s life.

When I was four, I decided to name myself and voila “Priyam” happened (How cool is that for a four year old :p). To add on to it, have heard a lot of my childhood stories from my parents about my tantrums of choosing my own clothes, styling my sisters frocks and trying to fit in her heels. And that love and inclination for clothes and fashion has not subsided in me since then and the result of which is OBTB.

I want to slow down now, want to live in the moment and OBTB will help me do that by sharing my experiences and lifestyle sneak peaks with you all. Super excited for this journey and invite you all to be a part of it.


Hope you liked our first ever blog post!! Let us know in the comment section below. We would also love to know about your hobbies, passion and likes. ❤

Published by One Basque Two Bods

Hey Friends!! We are two sisters, Priyam and Pratishtha, who strongly believe in living a chic and unapologetic lifestyle, exhibiting our immense love for fashion, travel, and food. This blog is all about celebrating women, bringing a change to the world and being passionate about everything we do. We were born and brought up in New Delhi, India and always had an inclination towards trying new fashion, food and exploring new place, It took us a while to finally come up with something which is now an important part of our lives, "One Basque Two Bods".

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