Basic essentials to look Stylish instantly!

Are you one of those who get overwhelmed seeing the designer and runway pieces and dream of donning those expensive labels, walking the streets in pocket pinching studded heels and exquisite handbags with an intention to look all stylish and top notch? If yes, then this blog is essentially for you. It is the time to sweep off all your clothes from the wardrobe and rethink of the basic pieces you own which are good enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

Looking stylish and chic, all comes down to the little things about the outfit and the body language. Style is what makes you feel comfortable, confident, doesn’t complicate the posture and brings out the best in you. And this can be easily achieved by incorporating some basics in your daily attire which we have listed down below. Scroll down to unveil it.


1) Time to give the due respect to that basic white T- shirt or A button-down white shirt

White is timeless and makes you look all fresh and vibrant by adding that oomph. Knot the t-shirt, half tuck the shirt or go all formal with smartly tucked look paired with black tailored pants, white will never ditch you, we promise!!


2) Shout-out for a well fitted denims

Neither “Jeggings” nor “Leggings” or “Treggings”, but an actual Denim jean kept folded in the lowest shelf of the wardrobe is your best friend in need. A basic black and blue shade jean is good enough to put you all together for a semi casual work day or a friendly leisure day out.

3) Put the best foot forward with black loafers OR pointy black pumps

There is no denying that shoes tell a lot about ones personality. If you are wearing the black loafers right, it will definitely give an impression that you know the business. And well well well, black pumps are every girl’s favorite pals, right? And why not! 


4) Let the hair do the talking

Telling you all a cardinal rule of styling which is  about your long, short curly locks. A perfect hairstyle has the ability to make or break an entire look. Know it right – whether a top knot, a messy bun or all sleek down hair, find out what goes best on you. Good hair asks for a bit of investment but trust us, it is worth it! Be experimental with hairstyles, haircuts , colors and let people turn their heads for compliments.


5) Real Confidence

And last but certainly not the least is the real confidence and right attitude. As it is rightly said, it is important for one to feel good from inside to look good from outside. Put that smile and head high with confidence  and you are all ready to slay!


With the perfect blend of all of the above, you are ready to hit the runway with the new you!! Go lovelies, and grab those lovely compliments coming your way. 🙂 

Published by One Basque Two Bods

Hey Friends!! We are two sisters, Priyam and Pratishtha, who strongly believe in living a chic and unapologetic lifestyle, exhibiting our immense love for fashion, travel, and food. This blog is all about celebrating women, bringing a change to the world and being passionate about everything we do. We were born and brought up in New Delhi, India and always had an inclination towards trying new fashion, food and exploring new place, It took us a while to finally come up with something which is now an important part of our lives, "One Basque Two Bods".

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