Shakti – An Essence of feminism

One afternoon while penning down thoughts for our next blog, from a corner I noticed my mom having some involved conversations (to me it seemed) with her Sarees. With each cloth she was pulling out from the almirah, she was fundamentally defying the law of gravity by piling one saree onto another. As an inquisitive human by nature and of course a fashion connoisseur, I got attracted towards the display of silks, chiffons, cotton and some exquisite pieces of art works. That day we had  a prolonged undisturbed conversation on admiration, empowerment, feminism, unfulfilled expectations and on what, what not. What I realized out of the conversation was that for her these are not just fabric pieces which she has been collecting from wherever she has traveled, rather each saree carries a story and a thread of emotions attached to it. And this is how we all women are, we are fond of weaving stories of our own as it gives us happiness, we think for happiness of our people by playing various roles in one life, sometimes as a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend, a colleague or any character expected out of us to play.

Pray her, love her, admire her, advice her but do not tame her. She is in the process of manifesting the divine Shakti which dwells inside her. Who is this? This is शक्ति.


एक सवाल ज़हन में है ,
पूछना चाहती हु , पर डर भी है,
जब हिम्मत हुई और ज़ुर्रत की,
तो कमब्खत तुम्हारी निगाहो ने मुझे ही गुनहगार बना दिआ….

(English translation: There is a question in mind, I want to ask but scared, when gathered courage and dared to ask, then your objectionable look made me feel guilty)


चल सखी, लौट चले उस बचपन मे जब ​​​​​​​मिटटी के घरौंदे और गुड्डे गुड़ियों का खेल मासुमियत समझा जाता था ..

(English Translation : Come on , lets go back to our childhood when the game of mud houses and dolls was called innocence.)


Behold her, not stop her. She is the dream of your dream in her world which you are a part of. Let her flow like the wind to ring the bell of hope and spirituality to turn the dream into reality.



आज फिर दिल में ख्वाब हिचकोले खा रहे है ,
आज फिर खयाल आया की इन्हे मुक्कम्मल करू ,
पर अगले ही पल एक अजीब एहसास हुआ ,
क्या , क्यों और किसलिए कश्मकश में ,
मै बोल पड़ी चलो छोड़ो फिर और कभी…..

(English Translation : Today again, I thought of my aspirations, I thought I should work towards achieving them, but the very next moment a strange feeling comes with multiple questions asked, I again said today, lets leave it, some other time.)

A tribute to womanhood by OBTB:

Pratishtha wearing Raw Silk Saree from Nalli

Priyam wearing Cotton Saree from Chennai Silk

Location : Meandering in the courtyard of Venkateshwara Temple in this gorgeous piece of sarees from our mom’s wardrobe.

Content courtesy Pratishtha Rawat and Priyam Rawat

Published by One Basque Two Bods

Hey Friends!! We are two sisters, Priyam and Pratishtha, who strongly believe in living a chic and unapologetic lifestyle, exhibiting our immense love for fashion, travel, and food. This blog is all about celebrating women, bringing a change to the world and being passionate about everything we do. We were born and brought up in New Delhi, India and always had an inclination towards trying new fashion, food and exploring new place, It took us a while to finally come up with something which is now an important part of our lives, "One Basque Two Bods".

2 thoughts on “Shakti – An Essence of feminism

  1. Great effort and a powerful blog .. The blog carries perfect texture , well Thoughtful and tuned with befitting song and pictures.
    One of your best blog .. special attention is the Shayari ..

    All the best ..


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