25 Photos To Inspire You to Visit Italy

During this time last year we were strolling in Italian streets and enjoying mild chills of Italian autumn. It was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable European trips we took so far, and so bad of us that we never shared our experience with you all. After China, Italy is the second country having most of the UNESCO heritage sites and we call ourselves lucky that we were able to experience a few in this life.

Rome in Italy is home to many historic city in the world which makes it one of the most visited place in Italy and of course in the world. It is truly a delight to eyes for any history lover. Rome was not built in a day, the literal meaning of this saying is understood when you visit this iconic city and experience it from your own eyes.

To help you get the most out of your Italy travel (whenever that happens), we’ve put together a list of the top 25 most beautiful places to photograph around the country.


Our first stop as soon as we landed in the capital city Rome was to head to one of the seven wonders in the world, The Colosseum. One has to see this from his own eyes to believe the grandeur of this gigantic historic amphitheater.


You stand beside one of the pillars of Pantheon and then you will realize how small it does make you look. Rome is one of the Unesco heritage sites in Italy.


One needs to know how and when to visit Rome to be able to bear it’s heat yet enjoying the sedimentary rocky Roman ruin that covers half of the city. Rome is defined and known for these ancient fascinating ruins of Roman civilization.


Humm your favorite song and roam freely in the quaint Italian streets the entire day.


To avoid the heat, it is advisable to visit the country during October to November. Also prebooking the tours and tickets is the smart way to get away from the long queues and save time. We booked most of our tour tickets and day passes from www.getyourguide.com and www.viator.com .


If you wish to take photos for your social platforms or want to keep your Instagram updated like us, then you need to follow the against time rule to have the entire place for your own.


As the historic ritual has it of Trevi fountain of throwing a coin off your shoulders into the fountain ensures return to Rome, we too participated in the same as we so loved the city that we want to come back here again.


Pizza’s birth city is Naples which is a small town in southern Italy and from there it has been transmitted to all over the country without losing it’s authenticity. So, why not try it out from the original home made pizzeria gallerias when in Italy. We had tried many pizzeria during this trip but would like to pin down some of our frost favourite one, L’Archetto https://www.tripadvisor.in/R



St. Peter’s Basilica overlooking from the canal.


The most glorious church in Christianity, St. Peter’s Basicilla.


Vatican city, world’s smallest country and home of Pope situated in the enclave of Rome has is major attraction among the tourist. The St. Peter’s Basilica church, the angles and demons statue on the roof top, Swiss guards dressed in the old flamboyant renaissance style uniform are some of the key reasons that attract the tourist. Visiting Vatican can’t be missed by any way.


Touristy crossing of Vatican city roads are good for getting pictures clicked


The best way to see Europe is on foot and so is true for Pisa as well. Just walk by the river Arno along the colorful symmetrically aligned buildings and restaurants and enjoy the day.


Capri is a cozy island in the bay of Naples and can be reached via ferry ride from their. The sparkling ice blue water from a few distance will definitely leave you speechless.


Capri and Anacapri has many hidden natural sites like Blue, grotto, Gardens of Augustus, Capri Funicular train ride and much more that will keep you amazed the entire day.


Shoppers can get many luxury brands in Capri and shop their hearts out.


During our Italy travel we did most our travels via intercity local trains whose timings are so comfortable that makes the entire long journeys effortless and tireless. We pre booked all our train tickets from https://www.trenitalia.com/ and https://www.eurail.com/ majorly.


Venezia is a water city built on only canals and no roads at all. Locals own water boat taxis and personal boats to commute from one point to another.


If in UNESCO Heritage site, why not to get the memories captured.


Florence or Firenze brimming with rich culture and beautiful art homes the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Our most favorite city in entire Italy.


Be prepared to get surprised by many hidden preserved gems in the form of art Galleries and gothic churches in every city.


We do take breaks in between to rest our feet after long walking tours with locals as that is the best way to get involved with rich Renaissance legacy.


When in Italy one just can’t miss to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is an existential example of defying gravity. Situated in the heart of the country, the central Italy in Tuscany province which is almost one and a half hour train ride from Rome.


We are currently writing this blog from our home country India but honestly we have left a piece of our hearts back in the country of Latins. It’s charming architecture, delectable food and abundance of historic connections, clearly say that one visit is not enough to cover it up entirely.

A walkthrough all the amazing spots and places we visited. Please give the video a watch and show some love in the comments section.



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