25 Photos To Inspire You to Visit Italy

During this time last year we were strolling in Italian streets and enjoying mild chills of Italian autumn. It was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable European trips we took so far, and so bad of us that we never shared our experience with you all. After China, Italy is the second country having most of the UNESCO heritage sites and we call ourselves lucky that we were able to experience a few in this life.

Rome in Italy is home to many historic city in the world which makes it one of the most visited place in Italy and of course in the world. It is truly a delight to eyes for any history lover. Rome was not built in a day, the literal meaning of this saying is understood when you visit this iconic city and experience it from your own eyes.

To help you get the most out of your Italy travel (whenever that happens), we’ve put together a list of the top 25 most beautiful places to photograph around the country.


Our first stop as soon as we landed in the capital city Rome was to head to one of the seven wonders in the world, The Colosseum. One has to see this from his own eyes to believe the grandeur of this gigantic historic amphitheater.


You stand beside one of the pillars of Pantheon and then you will realize how small it does make you look. Rome is one of the Unesco heritage sites in Italy.


One needs to know how and when to visit Rome to be able to bear it’s heat yet enjoying the sedimentary rocky Roman ruin that covers half of the city. Rome is defined and known for these ancient fascinating ruins of Roman civilization.


Humm your favorite song and roam freely in the quaint Italian streets the entire day.


To avoid the heat, it is advisable to visit the country during October to November. Also prebooking the tours and tickets is the smart way to get away from the long queues and save time. We booked most of our tour tickets and day passes from www.getyourguide.com and www.viator.com .


If you wish to take photos for your social platforms or want to keep your Instagram updated like us, then you need to follow the against time rule to have the entire place for your own.


As the historic ritual has it of Trevi fountain of throwing a coin off your shoulders into the fountain ensures return to Rome, we too participated in the same as we so loved the city that we want to come back here again.


Pizza’s birth city is Naples which is a small town in southern Italy and from there it has been transmitted to all over the country without losing it’s authenticity. So, why not try it out from the original home made pizzeria gallerias when in Italy. We had tried many pizzeria during this trip but would like to pin down some of our frost favourite one, L’Archetto https://www.tripadvisor.in/R



St. Peter’s Basilica overlooking from the canal.


The most glorious church in Christianity, St. Peter’s Basicilla.


Vatican city, world’s smallest country and home of Pope situated in the enclave of Rome has is major attraction among the tourist. The St. Peter’s Basilica church, the angles and demons statue on the roof top, Swiss guards dressed in the old flamboyant renaissance style uniform are some of the key reasons that attract the tourist. Visiting Vatican can’t be missed by any way.


Touristy crossing of Vatican city roads are good for getting pictures clicked


The best way to see Europe is on foot and so is true for Pisa as well. Just walk by the river Arno along the colorful symmetrically aligned buildings and restaurants and enjoy the day.


Capri is a cozy island in the bay of Naples and can be reached via ferry ride from their. The sparkling ice blue water from a few distance will definitely leave you speechless.


Capri and Anacapri has many hidden natural sites like Blue, grotto, Gardens of Augustus, Capri Funicular train ride and much more that will keep you amazed the entire day.


Shoppers can get many luxury brands in Capri and shop their hearts out.


During our Italy travel we did most our travels via intercity local trains whose timings are so comfortable that makes the entire long journeys effortless and tireless. We pre booked all our train tickets from https://www.trenitalia.com/ and https://www.eurail.com/ majorly.


Venezia is a water city built on only canals and no roads at all. Locals own water boat taxis and personal boats to commute from one point to another.


If in UNESCO Heritage site, why not to get the memories captured.


Florence or Firenze brimming with rich culture and beautiful art homes the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Our most favorite city in entire Italy.


Be prepared to get surprised by many hidden preserved gems in the form of art Galleries and gothic churches in every city.


We do take breaks in between to rest our feet after long walking tours with locals as that is the best way to get involved with rich Renaissance legacy.


When in Italy one just can’t miss to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa which is an existential example of defying gravity. Situated in the heart of the country, the central Italy in Tuscany province which is almost one and a half hour train ride from Rome.


We are currently writing this blog from our home country India but honestly we have left a piece of our hearts back in the country of Latins. It’s charming architecture, delectable food and abundance of historic connections, clearly say that one visit is not enough to cover it up entirely.

A walkthrough all the amazing spots and places we visited. Please give the video a watch and show some love in the comments section.



Shakti – An Essence of feminism

One afternoon while penning down thoughts for our next blog, from a corner I noticed my mom having some involved conversations (to me it seemed) with her Sarees. With each cloth she was pulling out from the almirah, she was fundamentally defying the law of gravity by piling one saree onto another. As an inquisitive human by nature and of course a fashion connoisseur, I got attracted towards the display of silks, chiffons, cotton and some exquisite pieces of art works. That day we had  a prolonged undisturbed conversation on admiration, empowerment, feminism, unfulfilled expectations and on what, what not. What I realized out of the conversation was that for her these are not just fabric pieces which she has been collecting from wherever she has traveled, rather each saree carries a story and a thread of emotions attached to it. And this is how we all women are, we are fond of weaving stories of our own as it gives us happiness, we think for happiness of our people by playing various roles in one life, sometimes as a daughter, a mother, a wife, a friend, a colleague or any character expected out of us to play.

Pray her, love her, admire her, advice her but do not tame her. She is in the process of manifesting the divine Shakti which dwells inside her. Who is this? This is शक्ति.


एक सवाल ज़हन में है ,
पूछना चाहती हु , पर डर भी है,
जब हिम्मत हुई और ज़ुर्रत की,
तो कमब्खत तुम्हारी निगाहो ने मुझे ही गुनहगार बना दिआ….

(English translation: There is a question in mind, I want to ask but scared, when gathered courage and dared to ask, then your objectionable look made me feel guilty)


चल सखी, लौट चले उस बचपन मे जब ​​​​​​​मिटटी के घरौंदे और गुड्डे गुड़ियों का खेल मासुमियत समझा जाता था ..

(English Translation : Come on , lets go back to our childhood when the game of mud houses and dolls was called innocence.)


Behold her, not stop her. She is the dream of your dream in her world which you are a part of. Let her flow like the wind to ring the bell of hope and spirituality to turn the dream into reality.



आज फिर दिल में ख्वाब हिचकोले खा रहे है ,
आज फिर खयाल आया की इन्हे मुक्कम्मल करू ,
पर अगले ही पल एक अजीब एहसास हुआ ,
क्या , क्यों और किसलिए कश्मकश में ,
मै बोल पड़ी चलो छोड़ो फिर और कभी…..

(English Translation : Today again, I thought of my aspirations, I thought I should work towards achieving them, but the very next moment a strange feeling comes with multiple questions asked, I again said today, lets leave it, some other time.)

A tribute to womanhood by OBTB: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXWsWmU_PzY

Pratishtha wearing Raw Silk Saree from Nalli

Priyam wearing Cotton Saree from Chennai Silk

Location : Meandering in the courtyard of Venkateshwara Temple in this gorgeous piece of sarees from our mom’s wardrobe.

Content courtesy Pratishtha Rawat and Priyam Rawat

Easy outfit ideas to try this winter without compromising on style!!

Cold weather, dark evenings or low temperatures cannot be the excuse to not look style apart this time of the year.  Rather think about those attention seeking boots, over sized coats, sweaters, skinny tights & cozy mufflers which are desperately waiting round the year to come out from your grandmother’s trunk to see the light. When focus is more towards staying warm during winters, dressing up in style seems like a challenge. Don’t worry; we are here to help you out if you feel so.

This read will help you rethink your potential to nail it in style this winter. We have curated some amazing combination of outfit ideas to kill that lazy vibe and help you come out all fresh and new this season.

  1. Uh-ah, don’t keep that over sized sweater aside. The loose, the better. And don’t forget to boot it up, ladies!

White Sweater Top – Forever21
Black Skirt – Splash
Tights – H&M
Boots – Primark
Sunglasses – RayBan

Pink Sweater Top –  Primark
White Skirt – Forever21
Tights – H&M
Boots – Primark
Round Sunglasses – SheIn

2. For those active winters Monday morning work meeting, the statement skirt will do the work. A jacket or coat on top for that extra warmth.

A perfect match of Chic and Style

Sunglasses –  SheIn
Turtle Neck – SheIn
Tights- H&M
Heels- Dressberry 
Bag – Charles & Keith



3. Step aside people, lady boss is here! LOOSE AND OVER AND YET SO SOBER kind of ensemble with pants, overcoat and peep toes.

Pants-  Zara
White Sweater – Forever21
Over-Coat- VeroModa from Myntra
Heels- FootIn 
Sunglasses – SheIn

Over-sized-on-the-shoulder look is enough to provide you the appropriate warmth in the weather along with that oomph in style.


4. Never miss that warmth around the neck with soft Pashmina or wool mufflers or a scarf. 

Plaid Scarf –  SheIn  (*QUICK TIP* – We got this scarf from Shein for just Rs. 200 during their Flash Sale. Look for all such sales when these websites have some really cool pieces on heavy discounts and make the most of it!!)

Scarf – Primark from Lyon, France. Get a similar one from – https://www.primark.com/en/

Scarf – Primark from Lyon, France. Get a similar one from  Primark  online.

Basic essentials to look Stylish instantly!

Are you one of those who get overwhelmed seeing the designer and runway pieces and dream of donning those expensive labels, walking the streets in pocket pinching studded heels and exquisite handbags with an intention to look all stylish and top notch? If yes, then this blog is essentially for you. It is the time to sweep off all your clothes from the wardrobe and rethink of the basic pieces you own which are good enough to make you stand out from the crowd.

Looking stylish and chic, all comes down to the little things about the outfit and the body language. Style is what makes you feel comfortable, confident, doesn’t complicate the posture and brings out the best in you. And this can be easily achieved by incorporating some basics in your daily attire which we have listed down below. Scroll down to unveil it.


1) Time to give the due respect to that basic white T- shirt or A button-down white shirt

White is timeless and makes you look all fresh and vibrant by adding that oomph. Knot the t-shirt, half tuck the shirt or go all formal with smartly tucked look paired with black tailored pants, white will never ditch you, we promise!!


2) Shout-out for a well fitted denims

Neither “Jeggings” nor “Leggings” or “Treggings”, but an actual Denim jean kept folded in the lowest shelf of the wardrobe is your best friend in need. A basic black and blue shade jean is good enough to put you all together for a semi casual work day or a friendly leisure day out.

3) Put the best foot forward with black loafers OR pointy black pumps

There is no denying that shoes tell a lot about ones personality. If you are wearing the black loafers right, it will definitely give an impression that you know the business. And well well well, black pumps are every girl’s favorite pals, right? And why not! 


4) Let the hair do the talking

Telling you all a cardinal rule of styling which is  about your long, short curly locks. A perfect hairstyle has the ability to make or break an entire look. Know it right – whether a top knot, a messy bun or all sleek down hair, find out what goes best on you. Good hair asks for a bit of investment but trust us, it is worth it! Be experimental with hairstyles, haircuts , colors and let people turn their heads for compliments.


5) Real Confidence

And last but certainly not the least is the real confidence and right attitude. As it is rightly said, it is important for one to feel good from inside to look good from outside. Put that smile and head high with confidence  and you are all ready to slay!


With the perfect blend of all of the above, you are ready to hit the runway with the new you!! Go lovelies, and grab those lovely compliments coming your way. 🙂 


Let’s be honest – what comes to our mind when we think of France is romance and the grown-up chic fashion. Not many people know about France’s rich history of fashion and culture, that can be easily seen and observed loitering on french streets among the locals when one visits the country.

French style is a combination of looking put together, without putting in too much efforts, standing out even with minimal makeup, and keeping hair all unkept and wavy. Following the same styling philosophy, we thought of exploring the country in the local format. We stuck to the basic French wardrobe of darker and neutral tones, monochrome palate and effortless styling.

Let’s walk down the memory lane and see some of our favorite French inspirations we wore on our trip to France..

Basic boyfriend jeans is a must to have in your wardrobe when doing the french. We kept it extremely casual and easy breezy for the days when we had to shop our hearts out!!
Blue Shirt – H&M
White Shirt – Veromoda
Boyfriend Jeans – Myntra
Sunglasses – SCOTT
Location : Montmarte
Sipping up the hot chocolate in front of the beautiful Carousel.
Denim Jacket – Sarojini Nagar, New Delhi

What are your French wardrobe essentials? Let us know in the comment section below. For more updates on OBTB, please follow @onebasquetwobods on twitter and Instagram. Until next time, Love ya!! XOXO!!

The Start of a New Journey and Talking about our love for All Things Beautiful..

Hello there!! Welcome to One Basque Two Bods!!

I am Pratishtha, the first bod in OBTB, our long awaited blog which is very close to our hearts. I am from Delhi and currently based in Mumbai where I work 9 to 5 (not literally :p) with a Multinational Company and spend the remainder time engaging in my obsessions.

A mountain-chaser, a beach-surfer, a city-toddler or a village-dweller, I dont mind being referred with any of these adjectives as I am truly an honest traveler. Ask me to pack my bags, pick my phone, some money and I am always a yes for any adventure. Cooking is my new found obsession which is keeping me busy and my husband full. I wear clothes that compliment my relaxed lifestyle and love curating new styles as well.

I am on a mission of composing the best life which I will also be sharing through OBTB periodically. Come along with me on this beautiful, cozy and an uncomplicated journey.

Hi my all beautiful friends!! My name is Priyam. I am a lifestyle blogger by passion and a full-time analyst in a Multinational Company. I am based out of Delhi and the younger bod in One Basque Two Bods which is a very fancy curation of fashion, food, lifestyle and travel snippets from me and my sister’s life.

When I was four, I decided to name myself and voila “Priyam” happened (How cool is that for a four year old :p). To add on to it, have heard a lot of my childhood stories from my parents about my tantrums of choosing my own clothes, styling my sisters frocks and trying to fit in her heels. And that love and inclination for clothes and fashion has not subsided in me since then and the result of which is OBTB.

I want to slow down now, want to live in the moment and OBTB will help me do that by sharing my experiences and lifestyle sneak peaks with you all. Super excited for this journey and invite you all to be a part of it.


Hope you liked our first ever blog post!! Let us know in the comment section below. We would also love to know about your hobbies, passion and likes. ❤

About us!!

Hey Friends!! Welcome to our blog.

We are two sisters, Priyam and Pratishtha, who strongly believe in living a chic and unapologetic lifestyle, exhibiting their immense love for fashion, travel, and food. This blog is all about celebrating women, bringing a change to the world and being passionate about everything we do.

We were born and brought up in New Delhi, India and always had an inclination towards trying new fashion, food and exploring new place, It took us a while to finally come up with something which is now an important part of our lives, “One Basque Two Bods”.