25 Photos To Inspire You to Visit Italy

During this time last year we were strolling in Italian streets and enjoying mild chills of Italian autumn. It was undoubtedly one of the most remarkable European trips we took so far, and so bad of us that we never shared our experience with you all. After China, Italy is the second country having mostContinue reading “25 Photos To Inspire You to Visit Italy”


Let’s be honest – what comes to our mind when we think of France is romance and the grown-up chic fashion. Not many people know about France‚Äôs rich history of fashion and culture, that can be easily seen and observed loitering on french streets among the locals when one visits the country. French style isContinue reading “EXPLORING FRANCE THE FRENCH WAY!!!”

The Start of a New Journey and Talking about our love for All Things Beautiful..

Hello there!! Welcome to One Basque Two Bods!! I am Pratishtha, the first bod in OBTB, our long awaited blog which is very close to our hearts. I am from Delhi and currently based in Mumbai where I work 9 to 5 (not literally :p) with a Multinational Company and spend the remainder time engagingContinue reading “The Start of a New Journey and Talking about our love for All Things Beautiful..”